MosSE in Stevensville


Hello from Stevensville! We are having such a great time in the Bitterroot Valley this week! Thanks to the support from the Jane S. Heman Foundation, spectrUM brought our Motion exhibit to Stevensville schools and the students (and teachers) could not be more excited! On Tuesday, the elementary school kids learned about slow motion and fast motion, how planes fly, and wheels spin. They even spun around themselves on our lazy Susan and spinning stool.

On Wednesday, the middle schoolers braved the wind and rain to join us while we explored properties of lift, gravity, and how spin makes things more stable. Thursday we had the pleasure of being in the band room with lots of enthusiastic band kids. High schoolers joined us all day long to delve into Newton’s 3 laws, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and Bernoulli’s principle. Family Science Night on Thursday evening was a blast with tons of family enjoying out flight simulator, flying cups, and radar magnets. We even got to hear some great band music from the band concert!  In total, we saw over 765 students and over 90 adults.  Thanks so much for having us, we look forward to coming back to Stevensville next year!


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