Moving on to Corvallis

There wasn’t a dull moment in the three days we spent in Corvallis, MT. We set up the Motion exhibit in Corvallis High School’s library and it was a blast being right in the middle of the school. Everyone came to visit us and check out the cool science learning toys, from the school secretaries to the custodian. Though we were only originally scheduled to work with grades 4-9, the buzz spread, and soon we got to share our exciting science with the bulk of the high school students.

As part of a grant from the Jane S. Heman Foundation, spectrUM will bring awesome science exhibits to the Bitterroot Valley for the next three years. Corvallis is one of the towns that we get to visit because of the program, and they made the most of our time in the school. We really appreciated the enthusiasm that all of the students brought to the material, from elementary through high school. While the fourth graders were enamored with the Gravity Well and Turntable, a group of juniors and seniors successfully assembled the puzzle pieces into a cube and crafted incredibly creative flying machines out of paper cups and masking tape.

When the week ended and it was time to pack up, we had served over 600 students!  We had so many volunteer helpers and tons of students expressed how excited they were about the exhibit. Thanks to the Corvallis Devils and the many future scientists we met there! We hope to see you at the museum in Missoula!


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