Destination, Dixon!

Dixon Elementary School

Dixon Elementary School

And so we end 2015’s Spring Tour with an amazing trip to Dixon, home to a K-8 school of 51 students this year. We were lucky enough to meet just about all of them (minus a few who were absent)! That means 54 students and adults visited throughout the school day. All the students were eager to explore their gym-turned-museum, and many loved it so much they came back for more fun during Family Science Night.


The Motion exhibit is probably MosSE’s most interactive. With Motion we experience spin and aerodynamics in various ways, from keeping a toy top spinning on a table to spinning our own bodies at the Lazy Susan Station. We have students hypothesize and test ideas like, “Which top will spin the longest, and why?” In the realm of aerodynamics, students can test their skills with the Flight Simulator and make their own designs at Flying Cups.

Look at all the different tops!

Look at all the different tops!


Waiting in line at the ever-popular

Waiting in line at the ever-popular Flight Simulator.

Thank you to the faculty and staff of Dixon for hosting us and encouraging a passion for science to your students. We are also grateful to the O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation for powering this tour stop.

Sincerely, Nicholas and Sarah