Once more to the Flathead Reservation!

Recently, MosSE returned to St. Ignatius, a small community of about 850 residents on the Flathead Indian Reservation. This was our second consecutive year participating in the annual Kids’ Health Fair, sponsored by Salish and Kootenai Tribal Health and Human Services and held at the Mission Community Center.  This year’s theme was….the brain!!!  Good thing we brought along one of our top educators from this past fall outreach tour to lead us through a hands-on brain dissection.

What does that look like? Check it out in this picture!


Hands-on exploration builds an understanding of what’s going on between your ears for a young scientist at the annual Kids Health Fair in St. Ignatius, MT

Can you think of any things a person can do that a sheep can’t? Do you think your brain would look different than this one? How?

Public school was out for the day, but we enjoyed visiting with over 80 students and community members at the Nk’usm Salish Language Institute.  From the honoring and welcome song dedicating the event to the inspiring guest of honor – Magene Asay – to the free body composition scan and analysis from Tribal Health nurses, it was our pleasure celebrate and learn with this community.

“We just want all the kids aware of their health,” said  Asay, a longtime THHS health educator. Bernie Azure of Char-Koosta News recognized spectrUM’s efforts towards this goal in a previous article as well as a more recent article.


The Mission community opened the event with traditional drumming and song

This is not the first time MoSE has visited the Flathead Indian Reservation. The 2009 spring MosSE tour visited Salish Kootenai College, giving 435 kids from eight local schools the opportunity to explore our activities and exhibits.  Our most recent experience reminds us to keep nurturing our valuable connections with our neighbors.   We’re sure MosSE will be back again soon!


Circus of Science in Lincoln, MT: The Fall Wrap-Up

Hi, MosSe Readers!

The brain made its final school visit for the fall tour. This time we traveled to Lincoln, MT, where we saw 221 people, including all of the K-12 Lincoln School and Helmville School students. Many families came out for the Circus of Science family science night where, in addition to our regular fun exhibits, we had more brain wave games and a listening corner where students could enjoy treats while sharing with us and with Montana magazine journalists what they learned during our visit.

SpectrUM’s Lincoln school visit will be featured in Montana Magazine in January 2014 and was also covered by the Blackfoot Valley Dispatch. We thank the Montana Community Foundation for funding this trip.


Overall, for the Fall MosSE tour, we visited four schools and saw 1,424 people. Since the launch of our mobile outreach program in 2006, spectrUM has driven over 22,100 miles to bring educators, exhibitions, and programs to 60 different schools in 23 Montana counties, including all 7 Montana Indian Reservations. All together, our mobile science programs have served over 34,080 people, of whom over 30% are Native American and 75% from rural communities.