Spring Tour in a Nutshell

Overall, for the spring MosSE tour, we visited thirteen schools and saw 6,364 people. Yowza! That’s a lot of people! Highlights  of our spring tour included:

-The debut of the Big Sky Big Brain.

-Our first-time participation in Chicks in Science in Billings

-An unexpected appearance from Ryan Rominger, a psychologist from the Fort Benton area

-Every student, parent, teacher and staff member we came across!

10366298_10152464920538745_5202909282851719498_nSince the launch of our mobile program in 2006, spectrUM has driven over 26,825 miles to bring educators, exhibitions, and programs to 69 different schools and libraries in 26 Montana counties, including all 7 Montana Indian Reservations. Altogether, our mobile science programs have served over 42,887 people, of whom over 30% are Native American and 75% from rural communities.



Back to the Bitterroot

After a fantastic spring of bringing science to schools throughout Montana, it was time for MosSE to settle down and bring the season to a close. Our last stop of Spring 2014 took us back to the Bitterroot Valley to the town of Florence. There we were greeted with beautiful clear blue skies, green fields, the gorgeous Bitterroot Mountains, and curious, inquisitive, friendly Florence Carlton School students. They were treated to one of spectrUM’s newest traveling exhibit pieces, a brain big enough to host a picnic under it.10311833_10152464921753745_7174284690515694585_n

 The Big Brain

Though the Brain Exhibit has made plenty of appearances, this was the Giant Brain’s official debut. And what a debut it was! We spent a total of three days in Florence, with a Family Science Night to top it off. A total of 582 people came through and participated.10330337_10152464919398745_4137152580542437082_n

 Mind Flex: the force is strong with this one!

Like a falcon (a Florence Falcon!) from above, the students came swooping down upon us with their incredible knowledge, personal brain-related stories, and all-out enthusiasm to learn more. There could not have been a better finish to this year’s Spring MosSE tour.10390577_10152464918923745_5883022363238357517_nVisual Rebound: 3 pointer!10406567_10152464918223745_467432783688819188_nBrain Dissection: when all else fails, check the key

Our special thanks go out to the Jane S. Heman Foundation for powering this event and to all the staff, students, and parents of the Florence Carlton Schools. We hope to be back again soon. MosSE wishes all the wonderful schools from this Spring’s tour a gorgeous and science-full Summer. Until we see you again soon, take care.

Taking it to the Hi-Line

Let’s not kid ourselves: Montana is large state. From west to east, the state spans 545 miles. Earlier this spring, MosSE made it as far east as Billings, but this time, we set out sights on a new horizon: north. We settled ourselves back into the Uhaul and took off. The Hi-Line was drawing us to it like a magnetic force on ferromagnetic material (in fact, the Uhaul is ferromagnetic). Before we knew it, we were in Harlem, home of the Wildcats. We put ourselves in motion and got the Motion exhibit up and running. At center of the gym we inserted the black hole (gravity well).Image


Gravity Well: Not even light can escape

Though the force of gravity is quite strong in objects of gigantic mass such as the earth, it would appear centripetal force can prove difficult for many students.



A perfect demonstration of centripetal force and how center of mass affects the speed of rotation

We got some great feedback from our hosts! A 7th-grade teacher in Harlem told us,” I found the demonstrations very informative, fun, and interactive. The students were very engaged and were respectful to the presenters. I would definitely recommend this program to other schools.”

After an action-packed day of Motion in Harlem, we had to keep up our momentum and continue on to Havre.

Traveling westward just 30 miles south of the Canadian border, we ended up in Havre. There we once again got the Motion exhibits ready and set for another day of science! I will let the pictures do the talking.



Talent Search Volunteers



 Flight Simulation: Pilot and his ten co-pilotsIMG_0323


 Spin Table: Angular Momentum keeps those wheels standingIMG_0346

 Flying Cups: more surface area equals more lift

In Havre we saw 150 people and in Harlem 167, putting the Hi-Line total at 317!!! Our special thanks go out to North Central Montana Talent Search for powering this amazing journey and experience up on the Hi-Line. Specifically, we would also like to thank Marcia and the volunteers from North Central Montana Talent Search for being there to support us in both places and all the school staff and students that made our time there memorable.
Next destination: Florence.