Soaking in some Brain Science in Hot Springs, MT

Well, Hot Springs K-12 Savage Heat, you’ve outdone yourselves!  The latest MosSE stop was in the town of Hot Springs, where our truly excellent hosts made sure we were well rested for a big day of brain science (neurology).


Family Science Night in the new Savage Heat gym

246 K-12 students came through their gym-turned-museum during the school day to learn about how human and non-human brains look, feel, function, and have come to be the way they are today.  We talked about the five senses, how brains use electrical and chemical signals to control the body, what happens when we trick the brain, and a number of other fascinating topics.  What bright young students they have in Hot Springs!  We were also glad to see a great turnout at Family Science Night later that evening, with over 60 students very excited to share with their parents what they had learned earlier in the day. MosSE tailors exhibits and explanations to all audiences, and I know this educator feels that children and adults of all ages had a good time while learning lots of neat things.

Walking through the giant inflatable brain is fun for everyone!

Walking through the giant inflatable brain is fun for all ages

Parents trying out our EEG (brain wave machine).

Parents trying out our EEG (brain wave machine)

Much can be learned about the brain by challenging the senses, and our Senses Station does just that.  What do you suppose is in those containers that those students are shaking?  Also, what does the world look like upside down?


Students challenging their senses of hearing and vision

Can you figure out what you are smelling when you can’t see it? Hmm… I wonder how the brain helps us answer these types of questions?

Blind smell test.  Also, go Griz!

Blind smell test. Also, go Griz!

One station that proved to be a big hit was the Mind Flex game.  Players must control a ball floating above a moving track, often in competition with a friend.  It takes a lot of concentration, but luckily these players have strong brains!


Mind Flex

And of course, what neuroscience exhibit would be complete without some dissections?


MosSE is baaaack on the road with sheep brain dissections

That’s all for now, but weMosSE educators would like to thank the students, parents, faculty, and staff of Hot Springs Elementary and High School.  We were amazed by the help and participation of a number of folks in the community and found the entire stay delightful!  Photos like the one below make us excited to visit again soon. IMG_0586Sincerely, Matt and Amanda, MosSE Educators