MosSE Moves to Charlo

Charlo Best 1

What an amazing day at Charlo Elementary School. We started off with the little ones, who could not control their excitement over our Best in Show exhibit. We dissected lots of brains and eye balls, and they used our awesome new yellow goggles to look at our flies with glowing brains. We set up our Big Sky Big Brain right inside the doorway so students got to walk through the brain tunnel as they came into the exhibit. They explored to find any injuries to the Big Brain, they diagnosed what was giving our nose the sniffles, and put organs back in our friend Anna-Body. Our Motion pieces are always a hit, with students exploring how torque from a bicycle wheel can turn them and talking about Coriolis effect using our Turn Table. As usual, a big favorite was learning about orbits by sending lots of pennies and marbles down the Gravity Well.

Charlo Best 2Family science night was a blast with over 180 people! Kids of all ages spent time enjoying and learning about so many aspects of science, and even got to talk to our friend, Steph Gillin, a wildlife biologist on the Flathead Reservation. She brought lots of pelts and skulls, and was showing off her cool new app about wildlife on the Reservation. In addition to the 180 people at Family Science Night, we had 247 people during day field trips, totaling 445 people in one day.

Charlo Best 3Even though it was a quick day, we really enjoyed being in Charlo and sharing our awesome Best in Show exhibit. Thanks to Ginger and her family for all their help, and to the whole Charlo community for welcoming us to your school. And thank you to the Charlo School 21st Century Community Learning Centers and the Big Sky Brain Project for powering this tour stop.

Charlo Best 5


Our Best in Fort Benton

Ft Benton 1

We had such a wonderful visit to Fort Benton last week. Anna and the Arganbright family were so great to help us set up the exhibit and make sure we had everything we needed while we were there. We were lucky to be in Fort Benton Elementary during spirit week so we saw wacky mismatched outfits, lots of amazing nerds, and we may or may not have seen some spies sneaking around on Wednesday.
Ft Benton 2We got to see students from Fort Benton, Geraldine, and Highwood Schools during our three days in Fort Benton. Our Best In Show exhibit was a huge hit, especially with our Big Sky Big Brain that students ran through. Unfortunately, our giant nose had a bad case of the sniffles, but the students did a fantastic job diagnosing what was causing the sniffles, so I’m sure the nose will feel better in no time.
Ft Benton 3

Our Best in Show exhibit gave us a chance to talk about all of the amazing science jobs out there, and the students did some great brainstorming about careers. In total, we reached 469 people, including 128 at the Family Science Night. There were lots of farm families, so we talked about the importance of science in farming, analyzing the soil, genetics in raising cattle, and weather patterns.
Ft Benton 4Alex and I also got to do some fun extracurricular activities. Anna took us kayaking on the river, we walked across the bridge at night and checked out the full moon, and we even stopped by Miss Kayla’s dance class and saw the “Grinch Wrap.” All in all, it was an amazing trip to Fort Benton, we got to meet so many great people, stayed in a wonderful home, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our Best in Show exhibit.  Thank you to the Chouteau County PEAK Program for powering this tour stop.