Motion in Lolo


The Turntable is a huge hit!

In early November we spent a fun week in Lolo where we got to explore motion with students from kindergarten through 8th grade. The students were excited to learn about concepts like flight, spin, magnetism, and momentum. They enjoyed letting the Bernoulli Blower mess up their hair while suspending balls over the flow of air, magically hovering in the low pressure. We talked about Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein, played with tops, let angular momentum spin us around, and constructed paper cup helicopters.

The 515 students we worked with learned a lot about how spin lends to stability and were even showing us some new tricks when it came to the Turntable and Flying Cups. The Missoulian even sent a reporter to see what we were up to. Everyone at Lolo School helped to make Family Science Night a success, with families dropping in before and after their parent-teacher conferences. We had record turnouts, with 264 people attending! Kids were teaching their parents and grownups all of the cool science that they had learned throughout the week.


Thanks to everyone in Lolo, and thank you to the Jane S. Heman Foundation for sponsoring this visit. We can’t wait to come back again next year!


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