MosSE Moves to Circle


After Lodge Grass, Rachael and I hit the road for Circle, MT. Over the two days that we spent at Redwater School we were made to feel so at home. We got to hang out with kids of all ages as we showed off how cool the brain is. Our brain exhibit was a big hit, with dissections, brain games and our Visual Rebound basketball hoop.


At our first stop in Lodge Grass we featured our Motion exhibit, but from here on out we will be playing with the Brain exhibit. In the Brain exhibit, we learn all about what the different lobes of the brain do, how adaptable our brain is, and how our brain can get messed up. We talk about the senses and how we get dizzy, and even look at flies with glowing brains. We love this exhibit because it teaches you about yourself.


The principal, Mr. Widhalm, was enthusiastic and friendly. He and the rest of the staff were great about promoting Family Science Night. It was fun to be able to meet so many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends and we were more than a little sad to leave. In Circle, we reached 146 students and 109 members of the community at Family Science Night.  The Wildcats were awesome scientists and Rachael and I hope to visit again soon.  Thank you to the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and the Big Sky Project for powering this tour stop.


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