Exploring the Brain in Wolf Point


Rachael and I had a blast meeting so many kids in Wolf Point. We spent two days there with our Circus of Science Brain exhibit. Kids from the elementary, middle, and high school played the brain games and watched dissections. We even had some preschool classes. In one day we got to meet over 400 kids and family members between school classes and Family Science Night! It was amazing to see how enthusiastic everyone was and the kids listened well and asked great questions about how the brain and eyeball function.

We had a great host, principal Ms. Hanks, who put us up in her house and made us feel so welcome. Everyone at the school was excited to bring their students to check out the exhibit. We even got to work with the health classes and talk about things like brain damage and why helmet use is so important.


The kids and staff were amazing and we got some great feedback about the exhibit from the teachers and students. One science teacher, Ms. Romo, had the students record one thing they learned from the exhibit as their exit ticket and then we read it. Ms. McGill’s 8th grade classes wrote thank you cards about the exhibit. It was a treat to be able to read these and find out what the kids enjoyed the most.  In total, we reached 50 community members at Family Science Nights and an astonishing 609 students.  Thank you to the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation and the Big Sky Project for powering this tour stop.


Unfortunately, we were enjoying ourselves so much, it was suddenly once again time to move on to a new school. The Fort Peck reservation was beautiful and we were treated to an amazing sunrise while leaving town for our next stop in Sidney.



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