MosSE Kicks off Autumn 2015 Tour in Lodge Grass


Thursday was spent with the High School and Junior High students, who quickly realized how fun physics can be! We explored Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion, as well as different types of energy. The students especially loved the Gravity Well, where Alex explained Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. They spent time exploring the Coriolis effect at the Turn Table, and got a huge kick out of the suspended balls at the Bernoulli Blower.


During Family Science Night, we had 104 guests of all ages exploring “Motion.” Even the parents got involved with the Radar Magnets, and took a spin on the Lazy Susan. The kids did a great job taking turns on the Flight Simulator, and balanced our balancing eagle on their noses and ears.


On Friday, the elementary school kids had a great time showing each other what they had learned the night before at Family Science Night, as well at exploring the concepts of gravity and planets orbiting the sun. Overall, we reached 284 students. The school and community of Lodge Grass, and especially our host, Heather, were so incredibly welcoming and friendly to us during our stay, it was such a treat to be there. Thank you to the O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation for powering this tour stop.


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