Chicks in Science



MSU Billings 2014 Chicks in Science was an amazing event that gave girls from grades 4-8 a chance to participate in hands-on-science and learn about career opportunities in the sciences. As you can see from the picture directly below, it was a packed event.


MSU Billings Chicks in Science 2014

After a great day of Hands of Health with the students of Orchard Elementary School, we were ecstatic to present again on a larger scale and the girls were ready to get hands on:

Giant Nose?… No Problem! They reached inside, grabbed a sample of mucus, and identified the germ infecting it.


A case of mixed up organs for Anabody?… Ailment solved! A little teamwork and they had her back in working order.


And what about the case of the unidentified cow eye parts? Case Closed! Parts identified.


In all, it was an unforgettable experience. We look forward to seeing these Chicks in Science grow into successful careers in science!

Our thanks go out to MSU-Billings for putting on such an outstanding event. We hope to be back next year!


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